5 Important Reasons to Upgrade Your Building with Rolling Steel Doors



Rolling steel doors are a popular solution for many commercial industrial buildings, primarily because of their heavy-duty structural design. When a manufacturer offers a full line of rolling steel doors, you can easily find a closure to meet your exact needs. From service doors to fire rated doors, counter shutters and more, each door in the versatile line is designed with an industrial strength, slatted curtain. The interlocking, dual layer of steel creates a stronger door designed to withstand high-cycle applications. 

Another reason rolling steel doors are so popular in the commercial industrial industry is because they can be manufactured in a variety of large sizes, powder coated in virtually any color and they have impressive wind-load, R-value and U-factor ratings. On top of these robust benefits, we've outlined 5 additional opportunities you can achieve when upgrading your building with rolling steel doors.



5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Building with Rolling Steel Doors:


1. Structural Integrity

Rolling steel doors are designed with interlocking steel slats that increase the strength and durability of the door's curtain. This is why they're so commonly found in heavy-duty, high-cycle applications such as freight terminals, distribution centers and commercial warehouses.

2. Thermal Efficiency

Having a front and a back slat allows rolling steel doors to be filled with polystyrene or polyurethane insulation. Polyurethane is a foam in place insulation that's known for filling air pockets tightly and delivering competitive R-values and U-factors. Insulating your rolling steel doors is the best way to reduce energy consumption while maintaining internal building temperatures. The right door and insulation can contribute to significant cost savings for your building.

3. Customization

Rolling steel doors can be customized in a variety of ways, from size and model to operation. They can also be powder coated in virtually any color to meet exact design needs. The baked on layer provides a more durable surface that's suitable for high-cycle applications.

4. Space Savings

Unlike doors that slide on the wall or ceiling, rolling steel doors coil up into a roll above the doors opening. This maximizes interior space and allows extra room for lighting, HVAC systems and emergency fire sprinklers. This is also why rolling steel doors are such ideal solutions for buildings with low-headroom. 

5. Security

The slatted design of a rolling steel door provides a stronger, more durable curtain. You'll find this closure is harder to penetrate and increases the perimeter security of your building. It's structural ingenuity also contributes to many advantages such as better wind-load ratings.


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