What is the Benefit of Powder Coating A Rolling Steel Door?

Powder Coating VS. Traditional Paint 

It's no secret that traditional paint has it's problems. If you've ever had an overhead door with an old fashioned painted surface, chances are you know the many complications that go hand-in-hand. When steel curtains are painted with traditional paint, they're famous for chipping, scratching, chalking and fading. When these problems arise, many people make the mistake of re-painting their steel curtains (several times if they're trying to achieve that even finish). A few months roll by  and what do you know, the chalking is back on the door - that's what happens with traditionally painted rolling steel doors, it's a never ending process of frustration and re-applying. These layers add up quickly, creating extra weight that not only affects your door's aesthetics but it's operation and performance too. But don't worry, there's a long lasting durable solution with powder coated rolling steel doors.


What is Powder Coating?


Powder Coating is a type of coating applied to your door as free-flowing dry powder, then baked onto the surface to form a thick, even and shiny top-coat. This coating is extremely durable and can withstand the harsh environments associated with high-cycle applications. Check out a glimpse of the process below!


Powder Coating (in Action!)

ASTA Powder Coating Video Cropped


Powder Coated surfaces are thick and durable, lasting significantly longer than wet painted surfaces. The thickness of powder coating is directly responsible for the flexibility that yields to the material's surface. This is how many rolling steel doors stay protected against the wear and tear commonly associated with high-cycle applications. Not only is a powder coated surface tough, but it doesn't contain any solvents or volatile-organic-compounds (VOC's) that would make it hazardous to the environment.


ASTA AMERICA's State-of-the-Art Powder Coating Line State-of-the-Art Powder Coating Line for Steel Roll-up Doors

Powder Coating Line in Action




Powder coating your rolling steel doors also gives you the ability to meet exact design needs. How you ask? Powder coating can be produced in virtually any color! You can make your rolling steel doors blend in or stand out to meet your desired look. To see the breadth of colors and view the powder coating color chart, CLICK HERE>>>



  • Powder coating lasts significantly longer than wet painted surfaces.
  • Durability to withstand high-cycle applications.
  • Available in virtually any color to meet exact design needs.
  • Not hazardous to the environment.


When you invest in a rolling steel door, you want it's quality to last - that's where powder coating comes in. With powder coated rolling steel doors, your doors will look their best and work optimally for years to come!


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