Stay Fresh! How to Keep Your Metal Doors Looking Their Best

Like anything else in life, sectional and roll-up steel doors gather dirt, dust and nicks in the metal as time passes. While the fact of daily wear and tear is inevitable, there are still low-cost things you can do to make sure your doors look their best at all times! With a little elbow grease and a microfiber cloth, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve on a cleaning spree.

Here are some of the top ways to keep your doors clean and sparkling:


Dawn to the Rescue!

It can be way too easy to overthink the commercial door cleaning methods. Don’t you need some expensive, high-end cleaner only available at a specialty store? Nope, not at all! In fact, you’ve probably already got the best tool in your arsenal sitting under your sink right now: Dawn dish detergent (or Joy dish detergent, if that’s where your brand loyalty lies). Mixing this mild dish detergent with water and applying with a soft cloth is a safe and effective way to clean dirt from your doors.

This cleaning method will also temporarily remove any chalking that has built up. If you’ve ever accidentally backed up against a chalking door, you know how annoying that dusty residue can be when it transfers to your clothes!


Rinse, But Don’t Spray!

Pressure washers are a beautiful gift to humanity, but not when it comes to cleaning your roll-up or sectional doors. Blasting that much water pressure against the doors can damage the paint, as well as allow water to seep into the units or into your warehouse. Instead, drag out the trusty old water hose for a gentle, top to bottom rinse. If you’ve got a spray nozzle on the hose, go ahead and remove it. The regular flow from the open end of the hose will be enough pressure to rinse the soapy mixture off.


Stay Away From Oil

Using any kind of oil-based cleaning agent is a no-no when it comes to your doors. Cleaners that you would typically use on wood floors will only cause a serious mess when applied to roll-up or sectional doors – literally the last thing you want to have happen! Along those same lines, avoid using any cleaner that has an abrasive agent, such as vinegar.


Windex Works on Everything

If you need to do a quick spot cleaning without committing to a full soap and water washing session, Windex is a safe and effective solution for getting rid of dirt patches or grease stains.

Of course, there are some doors that can’t be fixed with a simple wash and rise operation. If your roll-up or sectional doors are malfunctioning, beaten up, dinged beyond repair, or causing potential harm to your staff or renters, it’s probably time for a replacement project. ASTA offers a wide variety of door models in a range of sizes that can fit your project and best suit your needs.


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