What is a Rolling Door and Do I Need One?

A rolling door is a coiling door typically used in commercial and industrial applications. It's constructed of full hard galvanized grade 80 steel slats that interlock to form a strong and continuous curtain. Interlocking steel slats minimize vulnerability through increased strength and durability, making rolling doors ideal for industrial and high-cycle applications.


Available in a wide variety of models, sizes and colors, rolling doors can be customized to fit exact design needs from functionality to aesthetics. A full-line of rolling steel doors ranges from service doors, fire rated doors to counter shutters and rolling grilles.


12 x 10 Rolling Steel Doors Installed by VES Specialists at Fire Station

12' wide x 10' high rolling steel door installed at Fire Station by VES Specialists


what are the benefits of a rolling door?


Many benefits go hand-in-hand with rolling steel doors such as low maintenance, durability and sustainability. By pre-assembling key components of a rolling door in factory and housing them inside a barrel assembly, they're protected from environmental elements that could otherwise cause damage. No more routinely greasing springs and performing tedious and time consuming maintenance - rolling steel doors are virtually maintenance free.


While rolling doors are easily maintainable, accidents and damage can still occur - that's where extended service cut-outs and versatile slats come in. When a rolling door is damaged you can easily remove it's service cut outs, roll out the curtain and replace damaged slats. That's right - no more replacing an entire door because a portion of it was damaged. These cost efficient repairs can save you significantly, not to mention installing, maintaining and repairing an overhead door has never been easier.


Not only does the efficient design of a rolling steel door make it strong and sustainable, but it frees up significant ceiling space too. With this added room comes the opportunity to enhance lighting, HVAC components and even free up those emergency fire-sprinklers that are imperative to your operation.


Another advantage to rolling doors are their vast customization opportunities, ranging from model, size, color and operation. Powder coating capabilities give overhead doors the opportunity to stand out or blend in with virtually any color. Not only can this coating fulfill design needs, but it's more durable than traditional paint - lasting longer, performing better and withstanding the wear and tear from high-cycle applications.






While rolling steel doors and commercial sheet doors look similar, these closures are very different. Both doors are made from high-quality steel, operate with similar functionality and have long performing, easily sustainable life cycles. So what makes these two doors different? 


rolling steel doors vs. commercial sheet doors gif


Sheet doors are constructed of larger sections of steel, corrugated and lock seamed together to create one continuous curtain. There are many models of sheet doors, ranging in design to suit different applications and environments. Although sheet doors are found in a variety of applications, they're typically designed for commercial setting ranging from light to medium duty such as garages and warehouses.


Due to their many similarities, both rolling steel doors and commercial sheet doors share competitive advantages in the market, making them superior for many applications in the overhead door industry. 



  • Structural Integrity to withstand high-cycle applications.
  • Space Savings allowing you to enhance lighting, HVAC and emergency fire sprinkler systems.
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Customization opportunities both functionality and aesthetics


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