Why Parking Garages Need Around-the-Clock Security Grilles

Parking garages are known for being high crime locations because they comprise a large amount of space with relatively low activity rates. Additionally, they hold a high volume of unattended valuables on a regular basis. Because of this, without regular security personnel or other precautionary steps, parking garages are vulnerable locations for individuals.

Security Grilles for Parking Garages










Think about it, when a character from a movie ends up in a parking garage, you know something bad is about to take place! That's because they're typically associated with crime ranging from theft to assault. They even have statistics to back this stereotype up, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), 1 in 10 property related thefts occurs in parking facilities!


So how can we eliminate this concern while making people feel safer when inside parking garages?

Around-the-Clock Security Grilles!


Security Grilles are constructed of interlocking metal links that form one continuous curtain. They're ideal for a variety of locations because they prevent unauthorized access and greatly reduce the risk for forced entry.


What makes them so great for parking garages?

  • They maximize visibility and ventilation! This is especially important for parking garages that bring in many cars idling in a confined area.


  • You can pair rolling grilles to security activation systems, meaning the gate can grant access to specific and authorized individuals! For example, a student ID that opens a gate into a specific parking deck on campus, or a Doctor's badge that opens a gate into an employee only parking deck at a hospital. This allows you to track who is entering and leaving the parking deck and at what times!


  • Not only do they allow the right people in, but they keep unwanted people OUT! By restricting access to unauthorized people, crime rates in parking facilities are drastically reduced.


  • They have the ability to reduce labor costs due to the decreased need for around-the-clock security personnel. Because you've now created a safer environment through controlled access, employee's are not necessary 24/7!


  • High cycle springs are highly recommended for rolling grilles used in parking garages.

At the end of the day, security grilles offer around the clock protection. Not only do they offer superior security, but they bring a peace of mind to everyone who interacts with them. This is why you can find them in a variety of locations, ranging from shopping malls, schools, office buildings, and as you know, parking garages.


Don't contribute to the stereotype!

Make your parking garage safer with the help of Rolling Grilles.

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