4 Benefits to an Insulated Rolling Steel Door

Insulated Rolling Steel Doors come with a variety of benefits that make the investment well worth it. They help with climate control, energy efficiency, product protection, cost savings, and even noise reduction. This is especially important for buildings located in intense climates, or for buildings handling important products that need a some extra protection and care. This blog covers the 4 major benefits that come with insulating your rolling steel doors, so keep reading to learn more!

Reasons to Invest in Insulated Rolling Steel Doors

Insulated Rolling Steel Door

1. Climate Control

Insulated doors are ideal for climate controlled environments that are responsible for keeping your building warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This covers a wide variety of settings, ranging from warehouses and industrial facilities to schools and institutions. By insulating your rolling steel doors, you're creating a greater environmental separation between the inside and outside of your building. Climate control is a great benefit for your building because it saves you money through energy efficiency!


2. Energy Efficiency 

Insulation works to help regulate and maintain the ideal temperature set for your building. With this extra support, insulated rolling steel doors save you money on utilities by decreasing the work load on your HVAC system and reducing your electricity usage. 


3. Product Protection

Insulation protects your products from harmful environmental elements such as heat, humidity, and moisture. This is very important for a variety of products that may be stored in your building; such as boxes, automobiles, perishables, etc.


Long story short - you don't want any items of importance unprotected from environmental elements because it could lead to irreversible damage to your property; such as, molding, shrinking, melting, freezing, and so on.


In addition to protecting your items from elements like moisture which could lead to mold growth, the protection provided by insulation also increases the rigidity and durability of your rolling steel door. Being better fitted to stand against damage, your door can save you money over time through reduced repair costs.


4. Noise Reduction

Last but not least, insulating your rolling steel doors promotes a safer working environment. This added benefit can be very beneficial for a busy warehouse with heavy machinery and a multitude of integrated working parts. Not only do insulated doors reduce the noise inside your building, but they also reduce noise pollution being permitted outside of it as well.

A way to measure the transmission of noise through insulation is the STC rating. An STC Rating is the sound transmission class, which indicates how well a building partition attenuates airborne sounds. The better the insulation, the better the rating!



These 4 major benefits all add up, creating significant savings and making the investment of insulated rolling steel doors well worth it. 

If you're interested in learning more about insulated rolling steel doors and what else they can bring to your building, check out our 600 series!


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