An Interview with Horizon Steel

Horizon Steel Structures, LLC. is a metal building, component and overhead door distributor based in Woodstock, Georgia. As a longtime customer of ASTA, Horizon had some insights to share regarding their working relationship, and what it’s been like to navigate the door business with ASTA as their door provider. We sat down with Bob Harrison, President of Horizon, to talk about some highlights of ASTA and Horizon’s relationship.

Rachael Dempsey: Let’s talk about your background. How did you step into the door business?

Bob Harrison: Horizon Steel Structures has been a steel building distributor/supplier for over 20 years. We supply commercial roll up doors with our metal buildings as well as supply the overhead door dealers and wholesale contractors with doors and motors throughout the United States.


RD: How did Horizon get its start?

BH: Horizon Steel was started by myself, Bob Harrison. I’d been in the steel building and component industry and then started Horizon Steel Structures LLC.


RD: How did you hear about ASTA Door?

BH: ASTA Door came to Horizon Steel offering to be one of their suppliers of overhead doors and motors. We gave them a chance to prove themselves as a supplier to meet our needs. Not only have they met our needs, but in many cases, they have exceeded our expectations.


RD: What’s your experience been like working with ASTA?

BH: Horizon Steel has an excellent working relationship with ASTA Door. We feel ASTA Door is one of the best door manufacturers in the overhead door industry. We have many choices for overhead doors and motors, but we feel ASTA has earned our business on a weekly basis over the last 20 years. We plan on continuing our relationship with ASTA Door for many years to come.


RD: What makes ASTA different from the other manufacturers you’ve worked with in the past?

ASTA Door has one of the best customer service departments in the industry. In todays business world, many manufacturers set up voice mails for claims and customer service or may take days to return an answer. ASTA is one of the few where we can actually speak with one of our reps and get answers quickly. Their turn around time on production orders is excellent as well.


RD: What’s been the most unique install you’ve ever done?

Fortunately, most of our installs are standard and typical. We sell and install thousands of doors every year for over 20 years and haven’t had any “unique” or out of the box installs. Roll up doors offered by Horizon Steel are installed on our steel buildings, existing structures or sold to metal building suppliers, contractors, steel erectors and garage door companies throughout the U.S.