What is a Wind Load Door and Do I Need One?

Protect your building, assets, and investments by installing wind Load Doors!

Wind load doors are engineered to protect the structural integrity of a building from the high speed winds associated with severe weather. These doors protect a building's structure by resisting buckling, bowing, and misalignment when faced with intense pressures. Wind load doors can prevent more than forceful winds from entering your building and causing mass destruction, including rain, debris and other harmful contamination.


Do you remember seeing videos from hurricane Michael in 2018, where roofs were flying off of buildings in Florida? This can happen if just one door on a building is jeopardized. The high speed winds enter the building and create pressures so strong they can literally blow an entire roof off of a building. Because doors are so vulnerable, yet imperative to your building, investing in quality doors is essential - especially when located in areas susceptible to this category of weather. Although wind load doors can be used in a variety of environments, they're typically concentrated in coastal regions where hurricanes and tropical storms are prevalent. 



Wind Damage from Hurricane Zeta in 2020, Repaired by VES Specialists:


Wind damage on Overhead Door from Hurricane Zeta Repaired Wind Damage from Hurricane Zeta with New Roll-up Doors


ASTA AMERICA's wind load doors have been lab tested to meet various building codes and requirements, CLICK HERE to view our Florida and TDI approvals.



Wind Load Doors Are Much More than a Higher Strength Curtain 


An overhead door is responsible for two types of loads: A dead load and a live load. The dead load is the constant weight of the door itself, and the live load is the fluctuating weight the door is subject to, in this case it's wind pressure.


A common misconception: People assume increasing the gauge of an overhead door's curtain will better protect your building from strong winds. This is false. By adding dead weight to the overhead door, it directly reduces the capacity of live load the door can withstand. The best way to prepare you building against high speed winds is to invest in wind load doors that have updated guide assemblies, specialty wind locks, steel mounting plates, draft seals and other components that help to protect against high speed wind events.


The wind load is the amount of live load a door can handle. By investing in an overhead door with these strengthening components it qualifies the door to sufficiently handle greater live loads, resulting in an impressive wind load rating that will protect your building when a hurricane or high speed wind event strikes.



Are Wind Load Doors Worth The Investment?


Wind load doors are a cost effective prevention method that protect against severe weather and its related elements. These overhead doors can save you money in the long run by keeping your building intact as well as keeping your assets secure during a high speed wind event. If you're thinking about wind load doors - the added security they give creates a peace of mind you will never regret. By protecting your building, assets and investments, wind load doors are definitely worth the investment!


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